If Google was a person, it would be really, really into Google Pay right now, in the way of recent religious converts or someone who just got a compliment from their crossfit instructor. In addition to multiple free money promotions for the revitalized version of the app, Google is adding more and more features to it regularly. The latest batch is more built-in coupon support, more compatibility with public transit payments, and better searching through your purchases.

Those of you who use Safeway as your primary grocery store might want to check out the store's new custom search entry in Google Pay. The weekly newspaper ad for your nearby Safeway store is now appearing in Pay search results, the same way that Target's deals have for a while now. You can manually set your location by ZIP code or just use your phone's sensors, and save your favorite deals to pull up when you're shopping.

Google Pay is also adding public transit payments for two major metro areas. Riders in Chicago and San Francisco will be able to pay fares via Google Pay on their phone and top up prepaid balances within the app. Precisely when this feature will roll out wasn't specified on Google's blog post, though the system is already up and running in 80 cities in the US, UK, Canada, India, Japan, Russia, Singapore, and Ukraine.

Google also wants to highlight that its search tool can now accept more general terms for searching through your previous purchases. A query of "food" will find your payments to different restaurants and fast food places, for example. This appears to be live for everyone, no update required.

Google Pay: Save, Pay, Manage
Google Pay: Save, Pay, Manage
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