Last year, Android Auto finally added support for all-new categories of apps. Navigation, parking, and charging software all became an option for developers to start building. That support left beta testing earlier this month, and already we've seen several apps take advantage of this new opportunity. ChargePoint was one of the companies highlighted by Google in its announcement, and an update is now going live. Starting today, drivers can search and navigate to charging stations for their vehicles right from Android Auto.

Any phone running Android 6.0 or higher can utilize ChargePoint's new car-friendly interface right from the dash. Using the app, drivers can find nearby locations on a map, begin a charging session, check EV compatibility, and receive notifications when a station is open for use. You can even determine the right spot for your car by filtering places based on charging speed, availability, and cost.

ChargePoint is one of the largest networks for powering electric vehicles globally, with well over 100,000 stations available. As EVs become more widely driven, quickly finding a power source will become all the more important to car owners everywhere. To start using ChargePoint with Android Auto, make sure you've updated the app from the Play Store link below.

Developer: ChargePoint, Inc.
Price: Free