TeamViewer is among the most established remote support services that may have been a boon to your family during the pandemic — it helps remote into their computers to fix all of their tech problems. But remote computer or phone takeovers always come with inherent risks when bad actors are involved. To further secure the process, TeamViewer has introduced a 2-factor authentication option to allow or deny connections.

  • Introducing two-factor authentication for connections. You can now use this device to allow or deny connections using push notifications. Try it now in the Settings under the Security section and share your feedback.
  • Improved session interaction from Android to Desktop devices. The toolbar and Keyboard no longer overlaps with the content of the remote desktop screen
  • Solved an issue which caused a crash on screen rotation for some connections
  • Minor fixes and improvements

Currently, only connections to the TeamViewer Windows client can be authenticated using 2FA, but the company will  likely expand support in the future. A help article explains how to get started: You need to enable 2FA on your Windows computer by heading to TeamViewer's Extras -> Options at the top and selecting the Security tab. In there, you can configure 2FA. You then need to install the TeamViewer Remote Control app, which will serve as your second factor, and scan the QR code displayed by your PC. Once everything is set up, you'll receive notifications on your phone asking you to deny or allow connections to your Windows machine.

While it's a bummer that you can only secure Windows machines this way, it's a step in the right direction. A hacker trying to get into your PC using TeamViewer is more likely to fail if they don't have access to your authenticating phone.

The TeamViewer Remote Control app is available on the Play Store, but we've also got it on APK Mirror. The cryptographic signature of the package ensures that the app hasn't been tampered with, even if you don't download it from the Play Store.

TeamViewer Remote Control
TeamViewer Remote Control
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