Google might not be making its own games for Stadia anymore, but the platform is still very much alive and kicking. Today, the company announced a handful of tweaks that'll make using Stadia on desktop a smoother experience — including a couple that should have been there from the get-go.

Finding games in the store used to be a giant pain.

The headlining update here is one that seems like a no-brainer: search. Yes, Stadia's web interface will finally be searchable, which will make navigating the service's ever-expanding library of games and add-on content much less onerous. I asked if search would be available in users' libraries or just the store, and a spokesperson told me that "users will be able to access the search bar within the Store or Home pages."

You'll soon be able to sort and filter your library, plus more easily manage family sharing.

Players will finally be able to sort their game libraries on desktop, too. Google didn't say by what criteria, exactly, but currently, the default (and only) sorting option is by order your games were last played.

Social features are coming, if that's your thing.

Stadia is also getting a couple less exciting additions: a social "activity feed" where you can share captured content like screenshots, video clips, and saved game states with your friends list, access to Stadia from mobile browsers on Android, and the ability to delete more than one screen capture at a time. There's currently no launch window for these three features, but search and library sorting are rolling out to all subscribers starting today.