Last year, Google acknowledged the Indian numbering system by changing the count of views, subscribers, likes, and other number elements on YouTube from millions and billions to lakhs and crores. Now, Google is bringing this change to the Play Store.

If your phone's language is set to English (India), the Play Store should now show you the number of downloads and reviews in lakhs and crores. If you're not familiar with the numbering system, one lakh (aka lac) is 100,000 (1/10th of a million) and one crore is 10,000,000 (10 million).

It's good to know that Google is localizing its service to make sure the Indian audience, one of the biggest in the world, feels at home while using a core Android application.

For what it's worth, this change won't show up on the web client of the Play Store since Google doesn't use letter designations there. Instead, it shows the rounded metrics down to the last digit.

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