In India, Google Pay primarily revolves around sending money via UPI, the country's leading digital payment platform. It was only last year that the India-exclusive version of the app got support for debit and credit card payments over NFC. Now, Google is looking to further improve the mobile payment solution with NFC-initiated UPI payments.

A Google support page explains how this will work. To make UPI payments over NFC, you'll need a Google Pay account and an NFC chip in your phone — naturally. If you meet the prerequisites, your phone should automatically open Google Pay when you hold it close to a compatible NFC terminal. You'll then need to enter the amount you want to transfer and the UPI pin. Currently, only Pine Lab terminals supposedly work with UPI payments over NFC, but we can expect wider support in the near future.

Using NFC is surely more intuitive for initiating UPI payments, which currently require users to either type in a UPI ID or scan a QR code — both of which take more effort.

We're unsure whether this feature is already live right now and have reached out to Google for comment. We'll update this article if we hear back.

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