The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro are simply among the best truly wireless earbuds you can get for your Android phone. However, as David noted in his review, the double and triple-tap controls were a bit inconsistent. While Samsung doesn't appear to have fixed that (if it even can), it is introducing a new way to control the volume with a new software update.

The feature is called "Double tap earbud edge" and sits within the Labs menu in the Galaxy Wearable app. Once enabled, you can simply double-tap the top edge of the left earbud to decrease the volume or the right edge to increase the volume. Since you can now change the volume without interacting with the touch panels, you can assign your double or triple-tap controls to other tasks like activating the voice assistant.

Machine-translated changelog of the latest update. (Courtesy: TizenHelp)

That's not the only change to the controls, though. You can now also toggle a particular noise control mode (either Ambient or Noise-canceling mode) on or off with a long press — you don't have to cycle between two modes. The new update also claims to improve ANC performance, but it's best not to expect a drastic difference in that area.

The firmware version R190XXU0AUD5 is currently rolling out in South Korea and can be expected to reach other countries soon. Just make sure to update the Galaxy Buds Pro plugin.