After a string of increasingly weird videos promoting the Pixel phone line, it's almost comforting to see Google return to plucking at your heartstrings. Such is the case with two new Google Search commercials posted to Google's official YouTube channel this weekend, both made for the recent Oscars, and at least one of which aired during the event.

The first is the milder of the two, and one that's certainly relatable for any parents trying to keep kids entertained for the last year. Stuck with remote schooling and finally bored of board games, young Arlo discovers a passion for cephalopods after his parents search for "good movies for kids." They find My Octopus Teacher on Netflix, which won an Academy Award for best documentary tonight.

Google uses this spot to show off various products, notably YouTube and the 3D augmented reality octopus available as one of many AR creatures in mobile search. You can see that yourself: just search "octopus" from Chrome on an Android or iOS device.

The second one ... oof. It follows Tony, a CODA (Child Of Deaf Adults), working hard to keep in touch with his parents who've yet to meet their new grandson during the pandemic. This one we know landed during the show. I won't spoil anything else. Just watch it.

A CODA Story shows off Search and YouTube for learning about the deaf community and sign language, Messages for, well, text messages, and both Android and Google Meet's ability to live caption video on the spot.