No one can fault the video team in charge of advertising for the Pixel for having a bit of fun. After all, if standard ads haven't pushed adoption rates through the roof, you might as well aim for novelty. Previously in the "Switch to Pixel" campaign, Google showed potential Pixel buyers how easy it is to switch from a banana while also learning karate. This week, we're learning Korean slang. And yes, the banana makes its triumphant return.

Most of this video repeats the same steps as the last one — insert your SIM card, set up your Wi-Fi network, plug in your old phone — but this time, Google fills some space while transferring data by teaching some phrases in Korean. If you've always wanted to learn how to say words like "boyfriend" or "girlfriend" in another language, this is as good an opportunity as any.

Interestingly, Google didn't actually produce the Korean slang portion of this clip. It comes from a YouTube video with less than 800 total views uploaded last June by user Renda 렌다. Leave it to the makers of the world's most popular search engine to find an obscure ten-month-old tutorial for use in an ad, I guess.

Once the Korean slang segment ends, the narrator returns to finish the setup process on her new Pixel 5. How many more social media influencers and independent creators is Google going to partner with to help sell its phones? The world may never know.