Apple introduced its new Podcasts Subscriptions this week, an Apple-exclusive platform that allows podcasters to charge listeners a monthly fee for access to some or all of their content. It looks like Spotify doesn't want to be sidelined. Just a few days after Apple's announcement, The Wall Street Journal reports that the audio company wants to introduce podcasts subscriptions of its own, but with a twist: It won't take cuts from content creators.

The WSJ cites people familiar with the matter saying that Spotify wants to announce its own subscription services next week. In contrast to Apple, which charges a 15-30% cut of the revenues on top of a yearly flat fee, Spotify is said to forgo any payments from creators wanting to offer subscriptions through the streaming platform — though it's questionable if things will stay that way in the long run.

Given that Spotify already boasts a much bigger audience subscribing to its own Premium plan offering exclusive podcast content in addition to music, it wouldn't be too surprising if its new service could gain more traction with creators than Apple's proposal.

This development is just the latest event in a market that's currently drastically changing. Almost all podcasts used to be free to listen to on any platform in the past, but the most recent changes, mostly pioneered by Spotify with its exclusivity deals, could lead to a fractured market where you need to subscribe to multiple services just to keep up with your favorite audio content.

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