Robot vacuums are, let's say, a net positive in most people's households — they do all the moving around to scrub the floors clean, you just have to step out of the way. But one robovac is responsible for scaring a woman out of her wits and a busted door in one California household.

Sacramento CBS affiliate KOVR-TV talked with Yana Sydnor who rung police to report a possible home invasion. At 1 a.m., she and her 2-year-old daughter woke up to loud booms coming from her stairs disrupting her meditation music. She texted her friends about the sounds before they quickly responded, urging her to call 911.

"I hear someone walking down my stairs, so it's like boom, boom, boom, boom, boom," Sydnor recalls telling the dispatcher.

Desperate to exit the house and avoid a run-in with the invader, she ran to the bathroom, put her daughter in the tub, and thought about grabbing a ladder to get them both outside to ground level.

Officers arrived within 10 minutes of Sydnor's call. They rammed the front door wide open only to find a poor robovac, fresh from a tumble down a flight of stairs.

"My son turned on the vacuum cleaner because he didn't want to do chores before he left for the weekend," she explained to the reporter after a moment of exasperated silence.

The vacuum hadn't been used for 2 years and, even after the fall, it still works. We couldn't make out the make and model of the robovac, so we don't quite know if it could stop itself from going over the ledge much less what exactly happened in this case if it did have the ability.

Sydnor ended up with a hefty bill to install a new door, but she's laughing about it now — so much so, she didn't give her son trouble about the matter.

And you may be laughing about this poor vacuum now... but be warned that it'll remember all the little transgressions you've made against it when the machines rise, including all that time in the closet. It might even swear at you.