OnePlus prides itself on being a company that strives for community feedback to better its phones. It even introduced a campaign last year to get suggestions on which features they should adopt on OxygenOS. It definitely took some time, but one of these suggestions, an FPS game counter, has finally made it to the OnePlus 8 series with OxygenOS Open Beta 9.

Called Data Monitor, the feature can be found within Game Space and helps track FPS/CPU/GPU changes in real-time — a handy tool for gamers. This is the only new feature that the beta update introduces, though. The rest of the changelog is chock-a-block with fixes. If you faced any issues with pulling down the status bar or not being able to see app icons in it, this should be addressed with the update.

Other squashed bugs include missed calls not being displayed in the notification bar, expanded screenshots not working, and contextual information not being updated timely. Open Beta 9 also adds the April security patch to the mix.

Like most OnePlus beta updates, this will be rolled out to a handful of users in the beginning and will gradually reach everyone. If you don't want to wait, you can check out the unofficial Oxygen Updater tool, which will let you download the latest OTA.