Earlier this week Diablo Immortal entered into a closed alpha test in Australia, and I've managed to gain access to this alpha and so I've recorded an hour-long gameplay video at 1080p/60FPS so everyone can see how it currently plays. This video shows off all of the selectable characters, the game's settings, and offers plenty of gameplay as the Crusader. While Blizzard is adamant that Diablo Immortal is still a work in progress, since the current alpha is limited to Australia I figured those around the rest of the world might want to see how development is moving forward.

Above you can watch my gameplay video for Diablo Immortal. This is a long one in order to offer a solid look at the first hour of the gameplay, so feel free to skip around.

More or less, I came away impressed with the gameplay. The touchscreen controls took a minute to get used to, but they work well enough. I experienced a few issues with the swipe-based directional controls, though quickly tapping helps with this. Combat feels similar to Diablo III, though the levels are much smaller, and so work more like corridors instead of expansive environments. The tone is fairly dark, and so there's plenty of gore, though the game has a much quicker pacing that the mainline titles, which is good for mobile play but also makes for a slight empty and rushed feeling. The music and voicework are superb, and in total the whole thing feels really polished, which is surprising for an alpha.

While we still don't know when the alpha for Diablo Immortal will be release in more regions, or when the official worldwide launch will happen, it's clear Blizzard is actually taking its time to create a worthwhile mobile rendition of Diablo, which is precisely what the lead designed revealed in a recent interview. So even though Diablo Immortal had a really rough start after it was booed off the stage during its announcement in 2018, I'm starting to feel positive about its upcoming release.

Diablo Immortal
Diablo Immortal
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