It's been a while since we've heard about the upcoming release for RuneScape on mobile, three years in fact. Until now, members who have been actively paying for a RuneScape subscription have been able to test the mobile beta, but now it would appear that Jagex is finally ready to release the game to the masses. As of this afternoon, interested parties can pre-register for the MMO on the Google Play Store. Depending on how many people register, there will be varying exclusive in-game rewards.

While Old School RuneScape has been available on Android since 2018, the RuneScape you can pre-register for today is a different game, known as RuneScape 3 by fans. This means you can expect much better graphics than the Old School version, not to mention updated gameplay for modern times. Sure, RuneScape 3 has been around since 2001, but it's definitely grown in the last two decades. So if you've been holding out for a legit PC-quality MMORPG for mobile, it looking like Jagex will answer your prayers this summer.

Whenever RuneScape lands on Android this summer, it will offer the entirety of the title as a free download with cross-platform play included. We know the game has been optimized for mobile play, and so it will offer a mobile-friendly UI. Those that choose to pre-register in the buildup to this summer's release will earn a few exclusive rewards, such as an experience boost or unique cosmetics. The more people that register, the better these rewards will be.

So if you'd like to receive a release announcement the day the mobile version of RuneScape is released, feel free to pre-register through the Play Store widget below.