Android 12 Developer Preview 3 is packed with neat little design and usability tweaks, and these changes even extend into the smallest bits and pieces. When you view an app's info (by long-pressing its launcher icon and tapping the i button), you'll notice the same "silky home" design changes as seen in the settings app and a redone "Open by default" section that's in line with the new default link opening behavior introduced in this Android 12 release.

With the new default link opening behavior, you shouldn't see the pesky prompt asking you in which app to open a link anymore. Instead, each app will have a collection of verified links that they'll open automatically without asking questions. If you don't want a particular app to open a link from this collection, you'll have to head to the redesigned "Open by default" section in its app info. In there, a global "open supported links" toggle replaces the "open supported links" drop-down menu, making the opening behavior an all-or-nothing affair going forward. The "Supported links" entry is replaced by "[number of] verified links," but the underlying list is essentially identical.


Above: Developer Preview 3. Below: Developer Preview 2.


It looks like Google also intends to allow you to add other links to the existing list of verified web addresses, but right now, the "add link" entry is still grayed out and doesn't work.

The new behavior and options are quite a departure from the way things have been on Android, but after some getting used to, they'll certainly do its part to speed up the process of opening links across the OS. If you prefer to open some app's links in your web browser, you might find yourself digging through settings more often than you'd like, though.

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