Mopping the floor is usually a painstaking task, especially when it comes to handling buckets and water. Thankfully, this chore can be fully automated with the iRobot Braava Jet M6 smart mop, which is made by the same company that invented Roomba smart vacuums. The robot usually costs $450 on Amazon, but it's currently $100 off, making it a bargain for such a well-rated product.

The Braava Jet M6 is a connected smart mop, which works seamlessly with Assistant and Alexa. It can be programmed to mop specific areas of your home whenever you decide. Even better: Thanks to its mapping feature, it can be asked to clean in front of the couch or under the dining table, which is particularly convenient if you've spilled your coffee and need it cleaned on the spot.

As it's an iRobot product, it works in harmony with Roomba vacuums, meaning it can automatically mop after its partner has cleaned up the dust from the floor, freeing you from the hassle of keeping your floors clean. With the Braava Jet M6 smart mop, you might not be able to eat off that floor, but you can clean the "eat" off it — Thanks, Ryne, for the headline!