Google is notorious for killing projects and the Shopping app is yet another victim in a long, long list. If you were an avid user, you'll be pleased to learn that Chrome for Android is getting one of its key features — the ability to track prices and receive deal alerts.

The feature was spotted in Chromium Gerrit and has now rolled out to a few users on Chrome 90 in the stable channel (via SmartDroid). This is particularly helpful since the mobile version of Chrome doesn't have the benefit of multiple price tracking extensions like the desktop client. To check if you have received the feature, head over to the tab overview interface and tap on to open the menu. If you don't see Track prices in the list, you'll have to enable it manually.

Enter the following in the address bar: chrome://flags/#enable-tab-grid-layout and open the drop-down menu of the highlighted setting. From this menu, simply tap on "Enabled Price notifications" to turn on price tracking. Even after you relaunch Chrome, you may need to close and reopen it once again to finally get the feature up and running.

We're not entirely sure how price tracking works right now, but it sounds like it will only work for products in tabs you have open. It may also use your browsing history to determine products you're interested in, but we can't be sure for now. A few of us here at AP have price tracking enabled, so we shall see what happens. Hopefully, Google will share some information on how this feature works at some point in the near future.

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