Since late last year, Google Photos has been using a streamlined, but powerful algorithm to generate bunches of themed slideshows from users' libraries of photos and videos — including some back-of-the-catalog deep cuts. These collections of so-called Memories have been popping up from time to time and we've been keeping track of them as they've appeared.

Here's a list of specially-titled collections Google has generated so far along with a short description of what was captured in the media. This article will be updated with new collections as they're discovered.

April 2021

  • Going for gold - athletic or even sporty subjects and scenes
  • Heart of the city - metropolitan skylines and scenes from around town
  • In the spotlight - live performances
  • Making a splash - Waterfalls, water parks, wherever water can be whipped up
  • Out in the country - scenes from plains and agriculture
  • Roller coasters and rides - amusement parks and the sort
  • Silent reflection via 9to5Google - pictures from and around religious areas such as churches
  • Splish splash - sippin' piña coladas poolside or diving from the paddleboard
  • Vroom vroom - all the power you can stick in an engine atop four wheels (or fewer)
  • Thanks:
  • Navin,
  • Tiago

March 2021

  • Best of Winter 2020
  • Bust a move - dance floors and wherever people are jammin'
  • Cheers! - group pictures at the restaurant or bar
  • In the woods - through the trees or high atop scenic overlooks
  • Let's play! - board and table games
  • On top of the world - atop peaks of hills and mountains
  • The magic hour - pictures and clips from twilight
  • What's cookin'? - in the kitchen, on the dining room table

February 2021

  • Out to play - kids having fun
  • Sand and sea - at the beach
  • Tasty treats - usually cakes and decorated baked goods

December 2020

  • Year in Review

Splish splash and Vroom vroom

We've just spotted two new collections: one focused on hot rods and beefy engines called "Vroom vroom," and another with swimming pools galore called "Splish splash." If you spend too much time taking photos and video at the track or resort, you may see these in your carousel soon.