Choosing default apps for services like email or navigation helps make your gadget feel personalized — it's always been one of Android's greatest strengths. For its next major update, Google is looking to help streamline the experience of opening direct links. It might seem like a small change on the surface, but the latest modification to web linking in Android 12 DP3 could go a long way in making the OS feel a lot faster.

In theory, these new verified links should speed up the experience of getting from the web to an application on your phone. Instead of being prompted by Gmail or Twitter to set defaults, Android automatically recognizes which app correlates to your URL, bypassing the dialog box altogether. For most users, this should get you to your content faster, without any interruptions.

Of course, if you want to contain certain websites within your browser — like, for instance, stopping Facebook from opening the app when you click on a restaurant's page in Chrome — you'll need to head into settings to turn off verified links on a per-app basis.

Overall, this should be a pleasant change for most users when a stable build of Android 12 ships later this year. However, if you're someone who hates when links automatically redirect you to applications without warning, be prepared to spend some time digging through settings to disable the option.

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