It's no secret that Sony makes some of the best ANC-equipped wireless headphones you can buy today. The WH-1000XM4s, while a relatively minor upgrade over the XM3s, feature fantastic sound quality, long-lasting battery life, and best-in-class noise-canceling. However, in Sony's eyes, they're just not good enough. The colors currently available for the XM4s — black, beige, and blue — are too loud and too distracting to really shut out the world. If what you need is the quietest color around, these new limited-edition headphones have you covered.

Sony says its new color, Silent White, was "developed to embody the concept of silence and serenity." To me, they just look like white headphones, but hey, if these help you find peace and calm while listening to the new Taylor Swift album, more power to you. Marketing aside, the color looks pretty great, a solid improvement on the beige model already available. Despite Sony's claims that an "additional coat of paint" will help deal with stains, every set of white headphones inevitably pick up some dust and grime from day-to-day use, so be prepared to obsess with cleaning.

Outside of the color, these are the same great XM4s released last year. As it happens, this release coincides with Sony's 75th anniversary next month, which explains the "limited edition" status. They'll be available in Europe starting in May for €430/£400 while stock lasts. Unfortunately, no word yet on whether they will hit stores in the US.