Samsung Internet has come a long way since it was released in 2012, with frequent updates adding new features and turning it into a real competitor for the likes of Chrome. Early last month, Samsung released a new beta for the browser, which improved translation and multitasking. Last week version 14 went stable, bringing these changes to everyone.

Samsung Internet has supported opening two tabs side-by-side in split-screen for a while, but now they can be added as app pairs, as well. When the app is in split-screen, tapping the divider will now show the "add pair" button. Provided you have space in your apps edge panel, the pair will be added.

Flex mode was a standout feature from last year's Galaxy foldables, and now Samsung Internet supports it. When you're watching a video, you can fold the device halfway and move video controls to the bottom while it carries on playing up top. Hopefully this is indicative of more apps and services gaining Flex mode compatibility in the future.

Other minor improvements include:

  • "Enhanced smart anti-tracking" that automatically clears cookies at scheduled intervals
  • A new privacy control panel, showing how many pop-ups and cookies have been blocked
  • System font applies to web pages
  • Galaxy Tab S7: handwriting recognition in text boxes and the URL bar
  • Improvements to reader mode
  • Browser translation extension now supports 18 languages

Samsung Internet 14 is available now via the Galaxy Store, Play Store, and APK Mirror.