After years of preparation and planning, NASA made history in space today. Early this morning, the Ingenuity helicopter managed to take flight in the thin atmosphere of Mars, with more tests planned for throughout this week. Google never lets a notable world event pass by without some kind of recognition, and with that same creative spirit, a brand-new Easter egg celebrating the accomplishment is now live.

Typing "Ingenuity NASA" into Google's search bar returns the usual info card containing all sorts of information about the Mars helicopter. Clicking on the small photo to the right of the share icon brings the Ingenuity to life, as it hovers around your browser above a Martian landscape. Unlike this morning's launch, the helicopter never actually lands on the ground; instead, it just floats back and forth in front of the results page until you click out.

You can check the Easter egg out in action in NASA's embedded tweet above, or head to Google's homepage on your PC or phone to try it out yourself. It's a fun tribute to this morning's significant accomplishment, especially considering the "brain" of the Ingenuity first appeared in flagship Android devices back in 2014.