A major reason that Google Photos is one of the best cloud photo backup services is its powerful search engine — finding an image is as simple as describing it. If you rely on Photos to find pictures of documents like your driving license or vaccination card, you might be happy to learn that it's getting a dedicated Document hub for easier access.

The new hub joins the three existing sections — People & Pets, Places, and Things —  that have long been available in the Search tab. Documents will then be further divided into categories like screenshots, posters, paper documents, signs, and even more specific ones like handwriting, text messaging, bulletin boards, display boards, post-its, business cards, signatures, and so on. For what it's worth, there are still a lot of false positives among these. While you can already search by entering keywords, this new section neatly organizes your images and saves the effort of typing.

Some of the categories like "Sign" aren't especially accurate.

The Documents section hasn't rolled out widely yet, and it currently seems to be a part of a server-side test — no word on when it'll be available to everyone. But once it is, it's safe to assume that this change will also come to the web version of Google Photos.

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