For the better part of a year, Google has been testing the ability to create sharable links to highlighted text from any webpage online. The feature started as an extension last summer before being added as a native option in Chrome's canary build a few months later. Google's latest stable update to its browser finally supports this option, but you'll need to enable a flag to use it.

"Copy link to highlight" might be one of the most useful features added to Chrome in years, especially as people continue to work remotely. Sending a webpage to a friend or colleague that contains relevant information is a great tool when working on a collaborative project. Quickly steering anyone to a specific part of a page with a simple right-click could change how research gets done forever — not to mention fact-checking, citations, and more.

Although this should be coming to all users over the next few days, you don't need to wait for a server switch. To get this new option up and running manually, make sure you've updated to Chrome v90, then head to chrome://flags and enable "Copy Link to Text." It's supported on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS. Once you're relaunched your browser, just highlight some text on any webpage, then right-click and select "Copy Link to Highlight" to test it out.