Although plenty of devices in the US technically have eSIMs, only Apple's iPhone and Google's Pixel series allow users to connect to networks using the digital cards included in their phones. Many of Samsung's recent flagships also have eSIMs built-in, but without the backing of US carriers, the feature has gone unused. Thankfully, that's finally changing, as T-Mobile is the first carrier to add support for eSIM on Samsung devices running on its network, starting with the Galaxy Note20 series.

This change might seem small, but for users that have been dying for a way to make swapping cell connections more straightforward, it's a godsend. Not only does this enable switching digitally between networks, but it also provides a path to dual-SIM phones for owners in the US. The update is headed to both the Note20 and the Note20 Ultra on T-Mobile, and while there are no current signs of similar support coming for the Galaxy S21, one can assume it's not far behind.

Outside of eSIM activation, this new software also includes some vague bug fixes and security improvements. Once your phone is updated, OneUI's settings menu will feature an eSIM Card Manager to switch between networks.

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