Smart speakers continue to be one of the biggest trends in tech today, and Google's newest release is its best yet. A solid replacement for the Google Home Max, the Nest Audio is already a total steal at its usual price of $99. If you've been looking to upgrade your home listening experience on the cheap, AT&T has these speakers marked down to just $56 each when you buy three at once, the best deal we've seen yet.

Google hit it out of the park last year with its latest smart speaker. As we wrote in our review, the Nest Audio provides a massive upgrade in sound quality over the original Google Home, featuring deep lows and crystal-clear highs. The only real complaint to be had concerns the lack of any wired input, but if you can put up with a wireless setup, you're getting three excellent speakers for a fraction of the normal price.

Compared to the two-pack Google sells for $180, this is an even better deal than usual. At $168 total before tax, you're basically getting an additional Nest Audio for free with your order. These discounts are automatic, so just make sure you add three speakers to your cart using the link below before heading to checkout.