Googling something is second nature for billions of us around the world and it's one of the primary ways we seek new information. If you're a frequent user of the search engine on the web, there's a trick you should know about that will surely improve your googling experience.

If you're on a search result page and are in the need of tweaking your query, simply tap "/" to return to the search box — no need to scroll up and scramble your way to the box. The cursor will be placed at the end of the existing query and the suggestion list will drop down in case you want to make a quick selection.

Image: 9to5Google

Google has recently started to inform users about this hack through a pop-up toast notification on the bottom-left of the search page, as well as promoting it on Twitter:

Google Search isn't the only place where this shortcut works;  YouTube supports it too. Outside the world of Google, using the forward slash to search is a common shortcut that probably takes its origin from Vim — even Android Police supports it. Go ahead, try it out!