OnePlus' latest India-exclusive phone, the OnePlus 9R, is getting its first system update. The slightly boosted OnePlus 8T is in for some small improvements across the system and some apps as part of OxygenOS

The update is starting to roll out to phones right now. The most significant improvements revolve around charging, which is now supposed to be more stable. There are also fixes for volume level issues when using two SIM cards and a delay for incoming calls during charging. The changelog also specifically calls out Call of Duty Mobile, which now offers improved haptic feedback on the phone. Then there are improvements to the gallery, the clock, and the Wi-Fi hotspot performance.

  • System
    • Improved the charging stability to provide a better user experience
    • Improved charging stability
    • Improved the haptic feedback for Call of Duty Mobile
    • Fixed the abnormal change of incoming ringtone with dual SIM cards
    • Fixed the delay in incoming calls when the device is in charge
    • General bug fixes
  • Gallery
    • Improved the loading speed of the gallery to speed up the process of previewing pictures
  • Clock
    • Improved the vibrating performance of alarm tones
  • Network
    • Improved Wi-Fi Hotspot performance

As always, the update is rolling out in stages, so it might take some time until it hits your 9R. If you're eager to get your hands on the new firmware as fast as possible, consider using the third-party Oxygen Updater app. It downloads the latest software for you and guides you through the manual update process.