Dinosaurs may be extinct, but my local internet provider makes sure I encounter one every now and then — yes, I'm talking about the Chrome dino that appears when my internet goes down. If the game has soothed your frustration or distracted you from the terror of not being connected, you might want to get yourself one of these adorable figurines that can sit at your desk.

Designed by Andrew Bell, Dead Zebra is back again with a new Chrome dino, now in dark mode to keep up with the times. The $24 set contains a pterodactyl-dodging t-rex, some cacti, and a box that's printed with instructions you should follow in the absence of a web connection — basically the same contents as the last set. The figurines are made of ABS plastic and acrylic and are connected to (removable) base plates for stability.

What's special this time around is that these figurines emit a blue glow in the dark, making them visible when there's not much light around. If you're interested in getting yourself a piece of iconic Chrome nostalgia, head over to Dead Zebra to place your order.