If you didn't know Samsung's working on a tablet with a display that folds not once, but twice, count yourself informed. Following initial reporting, further details are unfolding about the product build and timeline.

Besides its three-layered nature when folded, the only facet about this tablet we were able to glean a few weeks ago from industry sources was the unfurled display's 16:9 aspect ratio. We're now hearing from GizmoChina and Indian leaks blogger Yogesh that the product, which may be named the Galaxy Z Tab, will also include the Bluetooth-enabled S Pen stylus that will be featured with the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold3 and that next-generation ultra-thin glass — ironically thicker and supposedly stronger than the glass on top of current Galaxy foldables — will cover the display.

Speaking of the Z Fold3, many expect that foldable phablet to launch alongside the foldable clamshell Z Flip2 in August — Samsung previously announced that it wouldn't release a Galaxy Note device, which would usually fill this slot of the product cycle, for this year. There's debate within the company's marketing team, though, on whether they will tease the Z Tab at the event.

That brings us to the launch window. Previous speculation from anonymous sources indicated that the Z Tab would be announced before the end of the year. The word here is that it may actually be the first quarter of next year.

No explanation was given to the discrepancy nor as to how this will relate to the next Galaxy S series launch which would happen around this time — despite its "tablet" positioning, those with money burning holes in their pockets could probably tote the Z Tab around as a daily driver, displacing a Galaxy S purchase and bringing up that precious average sales price metric.

Keep in mind we're months away from any potential public initiative on this project. There's plenty of room for ups and downs ahead. And no, our header image is just a mock-up not based on any leaks.