Telegram has gathered steam over the last few months and it recently even updated its Telegram X application after leaving it in limbo for almost a year. As if maintaining two different Android versions wasn't enough already, the company is now introducing a third variant of its messaging application that won't be available on the Google Play Store.

According to Telegram, this version will have "fewer restrictions" and will receive "automatic" updates from It hasn't spelled out what "fewer restrictions" means, but there is speculation that this version will not censor channels that host pirated content, belong to radical hate groups, or suffer from government censorship. As shared by a Redditor, a few channels aren't available in the Telegram app downloaded from the Google Play Store. We assume that they will be available in the new non-Play Store version.

One of the unavailable channels in the Play Store version of Telegram.

If you can't access certain channels on Telegram due to restrictions placed by Google or don't rely on the Play Store to update your applications, you may want to check out this new version. You can simply grab it from APK Mirror or Telegram's website.

Developer: Telegram FZ-LLC
Price: Free