If you live in a home wired up with Google Assistant, and you also use Google Duo, you might be tired of getting alerts for calls on your Google Home smart speakers. If you have other people in your home, they're definitely tired of hearing those alerts when you aren't even there. Google's working on a fix for this: using presence detection, it can optionally only start ringing your smart speakers and displays when your phone is physically present.

The feature started rolling out to iOS versions of the Assistant app a few days ago (see below), but now it's appeared in the changelog of Google Home for Android as well. Duo is the primary use case, being Google-branded, but it should work on other apps that can alert Assistant-powered displays or speakers, like Zoom. (But not Google Voice or Fi, because they don't work on Google Assistant hardware. Fun.)

We've tried updating to the latest version of Home on APK Mirror, but the feature isn't active in any user-facing way for anyone on the Android Police staff. We'll keep an eye out for it coming to a wider group of users.

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