We're all desperately looking forward to the upcoming (white boy?) summer, and Google has just given Wear OS a new feature that will help you stay a little bit safer as you chase the sun. The platform's official Weather app will now show the UV index for your location.

The new feature seems to be self-explanatory (though I don't seem to have it on my cheapo Misfit Vapor X yet). According to the unceremonious tweet announcing the feature, it should simply appear together with other information in the Wear OS weather app, and the example also shows it showing up as a complication for compatible watch faces. It's rolling out to at least some users as of April 13th, though it appears to be starting with rather limited waves.

For the potentially unfamiliar, the UV index is a measurement of the strength of ultraviolet radiation at a given location and time. A higher UV index means a greater risk of things like sunburn — and, therefore, skin damage and even skin cancer. Wear sunscreen!

Late last year, Google also revealed an overhauled Weather app for Wear OS and plans to update the platform's core to Android 11. Third-party custom tiles are also due later this spring.

UV index appearing now

This article was updated to include user reports of the feature arriving, via the Wear OS subreddit.