We've featured the Harman Kardon Citation 100 a few times before on this site: it's a great smart speaker with an almost unbelievable price. At $350 (nearly four times the price of a comparable Nest Audio), even fans of the audiophile brand would be hard-pressed to justify the MSRP. Today's discount, down to just $94, isn't quite the cheapest we've ever seen. But it's still a fantastic deal for anyone in the market.

eBay is selling the grey version of the Citation 100 (man, that name sounds like a traffic ticket) for just $93.95, with free shipping to the US. This is a new speaker, not refurbished, and it has the same voice command powers as any Google Assistant-compatible speaker. You can cast your music over Wi-Fi or connect directly via Bluetooth, and it includes both physical controls and the same four-dot LED display you'll find on a Nest Home Mini.

The seller is based in the US, but shipping to most of the world is available at an extra charge, excluding some countries in South America, the Middle East, and Africa. Checking eBay's estimate tool, shipping to Australia is $50, so no matter where you are this is still a considerable savings on the retail price. Get after it if you want one: there's no telling when stock will run out.