Google has released the latest version of Chrome, 90, to the stable channel. It's starting to roll out via the Play Store and via your desktop browser's built-in update tool right now, but if you're particularly impatient to get your hands on the newest release as soon as possible, we've got you covered. You can download Chrome 90 from our sister site APK Mirror (and don't forget to install the corresponding Trichrome library if you have a phone running Android 10 or higher).

According to the Chrome 90 announcement posts, we're not looking at too many user-facing changes with this release. The browser enables more realistic lighting estimations for AR and VR environments and a whole slew of CSS improvements and tweaks. Then there's the more developer-focused advanced method for capturing a MediaStream video (and potentially audio) and new options that will make it easier for devs to add certain elements to videos on the fly, like subtitles, transcriptions, background blurring or removal, and voice and video effects. Both of these features are only beginning an extensive testing period and are slated to go stable in Chrome 92 at the earliest.

Google is also working on redesigned icons for the content settings, though we haven't seen what these will look like just yet.

Chrome 90 additionally brings the AV1 encoder to desktops, optimized for video conferencing with WebRTC integration. Once services start using the codec, it will help with better compression efficiency, allowing for less bandwidth usage and better visual quality. AV1 should work on connections with speeds as low as 30kbps.

You can wait for the latest release of the Android browser to roll out to your phone, but if you want to get your hands on it straight away, you can download Chrome 90 from APK Mirror. We've also got the required Trichrome library you need to install first on phones running Android 10 or higher.

Stable release

This post has been updated to add the download links for the stable release of Chrome 90.

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