Our readers should be familiar with Wyze's products — if not the security cameras, at least the Assistant-integrated smart bulbs. In the latter vein, Wyze has just opened pre-orders for a new $30 (plus shipping) smart floor lamp, imaginatively named the Wyze Floor Lamp. It's a tightly focused 9W, 5'11" tall LED light on a gooseneck, paired with a Bluetooth remote that allows 11 different brightness levels.

Lamps aren't exactly phones, but there are a few specs that go with them. the 9W LED lamp is meant for task lighting, with a tightly focused 23° beam. Individual LEDs are rated at up to 1400lx, concentrated into that fine point via 15 individual lenses. Wyze promises a high degree of color rendering, and the PAR30 bulb is user-replaceable with the standard E26 socket behind it.

The adjustable gooseneck and 5'11" height should allow you to point that light precisely where you need it, and a bundled Bluetooth remote allows for wireless controls and claims to learn your preferred settings over time, tuning itself to your lighting preferences based on time of day, sort of like a Nest thermostat.

The Wyze Floor Lamp's Bluetooth remote.

That "Bluetooth" connectivity means the lamp doesn't support Wi-Fi, and therefore there's no Assistant or Alexa integration. Any controls are through the Wyze app and require that your phone is in range. That means it can't be used in tandem with Wyze's other smart lighting products for things like grouped lighting, Assistant routines, or Assistant voice controls. For a "smart" light, that makes it pretty dumb.

Pre-orders for the lamp open today at $30 plus shipping. However, don't expect to get it any time soon. We're told that they won't actually ship until late next month in May. If you're on the fence, keep an eye out for our upcoming review.