Samsung phones often feature cutting-edge camera hardware. The Galaxy S9 and S10 series had their dual aperture main sensors, while the S20 and S21 Ultra push boundaries when it comes to zoom capabilities. A new rumor suggests that a future Galaxy smartphone might have new stabilization technology that has yet to be seen in an Android device.

Most phones use optical image stabilization (OIS) to provide more stable video. OIS allows a lens to pivot within its housing to negate vibrations from shaky hands, wind, or whatever else is moving your phone. While most "actual" cameras still use this form of OIS, there's also an even better kind that can be found on high-end cameras.

Sensor-shift stabilization moves around the image sensor itself, not a lens. It's more complex, and no doubt expensive, than what we're used to, but the stabilization it provides is unparalleled. Apple was the first company to bring this technology to the smartphone world when it included it in the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Galaxy Club reports that Samsung could be bringing sensor-shift to a future Galaxy device, but there's no way of knowing which phone that will be. There is a rumor going around that Samsung is teaming up with Olympus for the S22 series, and it was Olympus that pioneered sensor-shift in DSLRs in the early 2010s. If these reports are true, then perhaps that will be the phone to use sensor-shift OIS.

Whichever phone we see this in, whether in collaboration with Olympus or not, I'm looking forward to learning what Samsung intends to do with this hardware.