When it comes to listening to podcasts in 2021, the options are limitless. From dedicated software like Pocket Casts or Podcast Addict to Spotify's endless pursuit to make you listen to its exclusives (whether by accident or by force), you probably have three different methods for listening to podcasts on your phone right now. Placed alongside every other app fighting for your attention is Google Podcasts, the free and feature-limited experience built to sync your library between Android, smart speakers, and any web-connected device. Less than five months after hitting 50 million installs, the app has hit a new milestone: 100 million installs since its launch in 2018.

There's no doubt the growing popularity of podcasts have played a role in the app's explosive growth. Although many die-hard fans of the medium have complained that Google Podcasts lacks several features essential for managing larger libraries, it has come a long way since its arrival three years ago. In December, users finally gained access to custom RSS feeds, which opened up Patreon exclusives and other URL capabilities. Meanwhile, the web version of Podcasts has also continued to improve, with a new subscription feed that makes it easier to find the latest releases from your favorite shows.

While it has plenty of room for improvements, it's evident that Google's streamlined approach to podcasts has struck a chord with audiences. No other dedicated podcast app on the Play Store has come close to hitting the 100 million mark. Though services like Spotify and Audible both have sizable followings, podcasts aren't necessarily the main reason anyone installs either on their phone.

If you have yet to try out Google Podcasts, you can join 100 million other listeners through the Play Store link below, or grab the latest version from APKMirror.

Google Podcasts
Google Podcasts
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