Feral Interactive has just announced that it will bring the Opposing Fronts expansion to the mobile version of Company of Heroes next year. This expansion is expected to arrive on Android (and iOS) in early 2021, and seeing that the studio brought Company of Heroes to Android back in September, it makes sense that the game's expansions have been spaced out, which is how Feral has handled many of the previous expansion for its other ports. So while this news isn't unexpected, it's nice to see a confirmation that the studio will be bringing more content to one of the best Strategy games on mobile.

As you can see in the tweet above, the Opposing Fronts expansion will offer two full-length campaigns as well as the ability to play as the British or Germans in the game's Skirmish mode. While multiplayer has yet to be confirmed, the studio has revealed the expansion will cost $3.99 and that it will be purchasable through an in-app purchase in the core game. And that's about all we know, so here's hoping more info will be revealed after the holidays. Until then, feel free to grab the Android version of Company of Heroes through the Play Store widget at the bottom of the page.

Company of Heroes: Opposing Front will land on April 13th

At the tail end of last year, Feral Interactive revealed it would bring the Opposing Front expansion to Company of Heroes sometime in 2021. Well, as of today, the studio has finally revealed the exact date of that arrival. We can expect the expansion to land on April 13th for $4, and users will be able to purchase this expansion through an in-app purchase within the game.

In celebration of today's announcement, Feral has released a trailer that shows this expansion in action. So if you're eager to see what's in store for the April 13th launch of the Opposing Front expansion on Android, you should definitely check out the trailer above.

Of course, if you don't yet own Company of Heroes on Android, you can purchase a copy through the Play Store widget below in preparation for the upcoming Opposing Front expansion.

Company of Heroes updated with a new expansion and wider device support

The Opposing Fronts expansion is now available for Company of Heroes on Android and iOS. You can grab this expansion in the base game through an in-app purchase for $4. As expected, this expansion offers two new campaigns where you can play from the British and the German perspective. This content is hefty, and so users will need to make sure that they have 1.5GB of free space to install the Opposing Fronts expansion.

Today's update also broadens the device support for the Android version of Company of Heroes.

• Google Pixel 2 or better
• Samsung Galaxy S8 or better
• Samsung Galaxy Note8 or better
• Samsung Galaxy A51
• OnePlus 5T / 6T / 7 / 8
• One Plus Nord
• Sony Xperia 1 / XZ2 Compact
• HTC U12+
• LG V30+
• Motorola Moto Z2 Force
• Motorola Moto G 5G Plus
• Nokia 8
• Razer Phone
• Vivo NEX S
• Xiaomi Mi 6 / Mi 9 / Mi 9T
• Xiaomi Pocophone F1
• Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 / 8 Pro / 9S

While it would have been nice to see tablets added to the list above, expanded support is always a welcome surprise. So if you'd like to snag the Opposing Fronts expansion for your supported phone, you can grab the base game from the widget below for $14, and then you can grab the expansion for $4.

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Company of Heroes
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