Last week, Google finally made it possible to bring third-party navigation apps to Android Auto without requiring a beta version. The company promoted a list of new driving services coming alongside the change, including TomTom AmiGo. If you're looking to switch away from Google Maps or Waze, a new update to AmiGo adds Android Auto support to display on your car's infotainment system.

This launch is one of the first major third-party maps services to arrive on Google's car-friendly interface since support became available last week. As you might expect, switching from a default GPS app to AmiGo gains you several extra included features, like speed cam alerts and real-time traffic updates. In action, it's similar to Waze but with TomTom as your trusted mapping source instead. AmiGo is completely free from in-app purchases, subscriptions, and ads, so it's worth trying out if you've been looking for more from your navigation app.

TomTom's newest update is now available in the Play Store, and you can grab it using the link below. On my account, it showed up as an early access app with no available slots, but if you run into trouble, you can always download the latest version of AmiGo from APKMirror to test it out in your car.