That all-hands meeting in the office may have been traded in for a Google Meet call from wherever thanks to the pandemic-driven uptake of remote work, but for some people dialing in from their phones, they may not have enough juice or be able to even plug in to a power source. The good news now? Meet's addressing the need for conservation.

The videoconferencing app picked up several features this month including Q&A, the ability to respond to polls on Android devices, shutting down meetings for all participants from iOS, and some bulking up of safety features for educational users on Android.

There's also a new saver mode which limits how much processing power and data Meet consumes while on a call. Meet saver is currently rolling out, so you may not see it yet, but when you do, it'll be as a toggle in the app's settings. Turn it on before a video call and you'll be able to stick around for the Employee of the Month announcement.