The Zenfone 7 is a unique device, bucking the trend of hole punch cameras with a flip-up rear camera module. A lack of timely updates remains a sore spot for Asus hardware (something that is decidedly not unique), but the company's flagship is now getting Android 11 after a long beta process. The update should be ready for all ZenFone 7 and ZenFone 7 Pro models now, no matter what territory they're being used in.

Released in September of last year with Android 10, the ZenFone 7 and 7 Pro have had a build of Android 11 available in closed beta form for almost as long. It appears to have taken Asus quite a while to iron out the creases of the major software update. But according to a post on the official Asus support forums, the completed software is now headed to models of the phones sold around the world, after a brief period of exclusivity in Asus's home country of Taiwan. You can even download it directly from the Asus website.

In addition to the Android 11 upgrade, the official changelog includes updates to various Asus bundled apps, there are new physical button options, and the camera firmware has been adjusted to fix too-cool color temperatures in some indoor scenes. The one-handed mode has been removed. The software version number, for both the ZenFone 7 and ZenFone 7 Pro, is