I never thought I'd see LG shut its mobile division before Sony or HTC, but here we are. The South Korean company officially announced its exit from the smartphone market a few days ago. While the company wasn't explicit about the software support situation at the time, some details have emerged since.

Despite exiting the market, LG promises to support some of its devices over the next months and years, with a few even in for Android 13 (if that's what it will be called). While the company initially only promised to bring Android 11 and maybe 12 (via XDA Developers), it has now extended that promise significantly. It added some more details on which devices will receive which software updates on its Korean support website. Here's which Android versions you can expect on which phones, according to that documentation:

Naturally, LG's flagship phones are in for the most updates, with the Wing and the Velvet supposedly getting Android 13. Other high-end phones like the V50 and the G8 are in for Android 12, which is still great news for a company that's exiting the smartphone market. The rest of the lineup, mostly consisting of the Q series, is getting Android 11 at least.

The company weakens its promise a bit by stating that its OS upgrade plans may be altered depending on Google’s distribution schedule and the performance of each device while testing the update, so it's entirely possible that you might end up not receiving Android 13 on your LG Wing. If I were the owner of an LG phone, I wouldn't be too optimistic about the company adhering to this schedule anyway — it doesn't have a great track record with updates, especially in the last couple of years. With it now leaving the mobile space altogether, it wouldn't be a great shock to see it cut its update plans short.

Updated timeline

We've updated this article with the latest information on specific devices provided by LG.