Call recording is a nifty feature and can come in handy in certain situations. While third-party dialers have offered this feature, Google's Phone app only picked it up last year. Now, it's getting better by letting users record all calls coming from unknown numbers.

The feature was first spotted in code earlier this year and is currently rolling out for some Phone app users (via XDA Developers). Once enabled in the settings, all calls will automatically be recorded, and you won't have to toggle it on for each call.

Unfortunately, this isn't an all-encompassing solution and will work only if you are in a region where call recording is not forbidden by law and if you have a supported device. The individual at the other end of the call will also have to meet these requirements for each call to be recorded.

If you're in an eligible region like India with a suitable device (a Xiaomi or a Nokia phone, for example), you may soon receive the feature if you haven't got it already. For what it's worth, I haven't received it on any of the Xiaomi phones I have.

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