Amazon had to move back Prime Day by a few months last year due to some unforeseen circumstances in the form of a global pandemic, but it looks like the company is on track to kick off its annual Prime Day on a more regular date again. According to sources talking to Vox, the shopping giant is set to target a date in June for the event.

The publication spoke to multiple internal and external sources that claim the company is targeting mid to late June for the shopping event. Amazon has yet to confirm the date, but a June date would be another unprecedented time slot for the event. Except for 2020, Prime Day always took place in July, so it looks like the company is now open for some more experiments.

Prime Day is the annual shopping event Amazon created back in 2015 to boost Prime subscriptions and to beat Black Friday. It's become a soaring success even competitors can't ignore anymore, with many starting offers of their own while Amazon is tending to its Prime subscribers.