Signal was being really secretive about its open-source server code over the last year, and now we know why: the nonprofit has been working on a payments feature and didn't want to spill the beans ahead of the announcement. Starting now, people living in the United Kingdom can send and receive a cryptocurrency using Signal beta builds.

As always, Signal wants to do its best to protect its users' privacy with the new feature. That's why the nonprofit chose the privacy-focused payments network MobileCoin as its first partner. By design, the currency doesn't allow Signal to view or access your balance, full transaction history, or funds. It's also possible to take your funds to another app or exchange if you don't want to use Signal any longer.

As feedback comes in from beta testers in the UK, Signal is looking to expand the payment feature to more countries before launching it in stable. To join the beta, download the latest build from APK Mirror or become part of the Play Store testing program using this link.

We can expect Signal to support more currencies in the future as the nonprofit says that MobileCoin is "the first" to work with its payments protocol.

Signal Private Messenger
Signal Private Messenger

Alternate Title: Signal is making its own payment service with blackjack and crypto