It's the little touches that separate a good app from a great one. Paying attention to how UI elements affect each other might not seem important, but it can go a long way in improving the end-user experience. To that end, Google has added some fancy new animations to its Gmail app on Android, making managing your email feel a lot more fluid.

Starting with the latest version of Gmail, new animated icons appear when you're archiving, deleting, moving, snoozing, or marking a message read. Depending on your gesture, a garbage can is closed shut, an envelope opened, or a file moved. This flourish is on top of the alternate colors each action is assigned, giving some additional context to any given slide of your finger. While it's undoubtedly a small touch, it does make swiping to delete or archive an email seem more responsive.

As always, the gestures that appear on your phone will depend on what slide actions you've chosen in the app's settings menu. To view the new animations on Android, you'll need to be running version 2021.03.07 or newer. You can update the app on your phone on the Play Store or grab the latest version from APK Mirror.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free