Samsung customers hoping to hold the company to its promises of software updates are keeping a close eye on the update schedule page, and so are we. The latest change to the constantly-updated list features a few additions, a few subtractions, and a significant change for a former flagship, the Galaxy S9. The S9 and its bigger brother the S9+ are now getting quarterly updates, a downgrade from the monthly schedule.

Also being downgraded are the older Galaxy A30 and M30 models. They were previously updated quarterly, but will now only get updated twice a year. The Galaxy Tab S3, previously Samsung's top-of-the-line tablet, is dropped from the list entirely after being biannual. That tablet came out four years ago, so as far as security software updates go, it did alright.

There's some good news, however: the Galaxy A52 and the A52 5G are both added to the monthly security update roll. The Galaxy A32 5G and Galaxy A72 both get added on to the quarterly list.