What's more cost-conscious than buying a budget phone? Buying a budget phone while it's on a really good sale. Samsung's Galaxy A21 isn't going to blow away anybody with camera quality or performance, but it's a good phone that came out at an already affordable $250. However, if you're looking to replace an old or broken phone, you can snap up the A21 from Amazon for just $149.

Our review of the Galaxy A21 shows it's not bad using a low-cost phone these days. There's a fair amount of bloatware to disable and the cameras aren't going to impress any Instagramer, but you'll get a sizable 6.5-inch screen and some decent battery life. And more recently, Samsung even extended its software update commitment to four years on its phones, which means the A21 should be getting updates until about mid-2024.

The A21 originally launched at $250, making today's deal equal $100 off the MSRP. However, the price has been hovering at around $220 for the last few months, making for a $71 discount, about a third off the regular price. Just be aware that the ship date is a couple weeks out. There's no sign to indicate when the sale will be over, so snap it up quickly if you don't want to miss out.

Stock availability

Stock ran out very quickly, but it may be worth checking again in case more units are allocated at the lower price.