Google's anticipated Pixel Buds successors have been making waves online for a while now, including some appearances in recent FCC filings. We have yet to learn exactly what might set these next-gen buds apart from the pack, but a new acquisition could give us some hints. Google has acquired Dysonics, a startup that specializes in 3D audio.

The acquisition deal — which includes Dysonics's IP and patents — went through back in December, according to a new report from Protocol. Since then, some of its previous staff members have been confirmed through LinkedIn to be working on new hardware at Google itself, potentially including 3D audio technology. A pair of next-gen Pixel Buds could end up with spatial audio support, following in the footsteps of Apple's AirPods Pro.

If you haven't heard of Dysonics before this, you aren't alone. The company was founded as part of the UC Davis Technology Incubator in 2011; to date, its biggest project came from working with Virgin America on surround sound for its planes' in-flight entertainment systems. While there's no guarantee that Dysonics's audio engineering will make its way to Pixel Buds specifically, it seems like a match made in heaven to compete against Apple's bestselling wireless headphones.